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  Public education is a foundation of our communities and society, and I have devoted many years of service to our public schools. As a parent, a scientific researcher and educator, and director on school boards in two states, I continually appreciate the power of education. Students thrive with connections to peers and teachers, with support through life’s challenges, and through engagement in classwork. Such connection, support and engagement aren’t easy to come by; they require long-term stewardship from community, families, teachers, and the District district and a deep understanding of students – their interests and dreams, their strengths and challenges. 

I’ve been doing this job for Anacortes for four years and the school board has been successful governing a great school district. I am most proud of the work we did together on the district’s new strategic plan.  With community involvement, we developed an exceptional plan and people really connect with the social-emotional learning and equity components of the plan. As this  continues to be implemented it will lead to changes, and I look forward to ensuring it comes to life in all of the schools.

Anacortes School District Strategic Plan:  Five Pillars

Quality Instruction and Curriculum


Social-Emotional Learning



Anacortes is an exceptional place to raise children and has one of the most highly regarded districts in the state. However, recent changes imposed by the WA state legislature on our ability to raise local taxes have posed challenges to our budgets.. We must be realistic and transparent about these constraints. Anacortes has an innovative community spirit and great government connections.
Rather than simply working within the current model, I will collaborate with local government leaders to communicate our needs to the state legislature and work to improve our budget.



For Anacortes, quality education governance means: 

  • In all decisions: 
    • be guided by what is best for our students, now and in the future.
    • use an equity perspectve to ensure there are no unintended consequences that would harm some groups of students
  • Ensure quality instruction by providing teachers with the best administrative support, facilities, professional development and community support to do their best work.
  • Plan student-centered budgets around the goals of the District strategic plan 
  • Listen to the voices of community, employee, and student for concerns and input on decision making  – especially considering the need for flexibility in the face of uncertainty in legislative funding and other issues that may arise going forward.  
  • Understand state and federal education standards and laws, relationships between the District and the City of Anacortes, Education Services District, and the State Legislature, 


About Bill – family, work, and education governance experience

I work as research professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, California (since moving our family to Anacortes for my wife’s job I have telecommuted to continue work with my NPS research team and with national and international colleagues). I have a bachelors degree in civil engineering from Princeton and a Ph.D in oceanography from MIT. My wife, Erika, who grew up in eastern Washington, is also a researcher in the fields of ocean physics/engineering and is a professor at Western Washington University. We have two children in the Anacortes schools – Henry is a sophomore at AHS and Ginny in the 8th grade at AMS. 

The Russian ship Bill will be working on Sep-Oct 2019
Russian Ship ‘RV Akademik Fyodorov’ where 
Bill will be working Sep and Oct 2019 with
NPS and UW team and international colleagues .
Photo: Wikipedia. Also see


Educational governance

 I grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia and was raised in a large socioeconomically and racially diverse school district. This upbringing helped inform my understanding of the importance of diversity and equity as I became involved in, and eventually called upon to lead, a movement to start a new public charter school in Monterey. This movement was a citizen-community response to the district superintendent’s unpopular decision to close a beloved school with long-lasting roots in the city. Working with the County Board of Education and community leaders from a variety of stakeholder groups to address issues regarding diversity and equity was valuable learning experience. They helped push for the demographics of the new school to be roughly similar to the original school, and that goal has been met: the school is 33% low-income and, in terms of California’s breakdown of student composition, 41% Hispanic, 37% White, and 15% two or more races – see   ( .    An example of a decision made in response to a need of families and students was  the development, in partnership with the city of Monterey, of morning and after-school programs for working families who did not have the ability to have a parent around in the middle of the day to pick up a child, and other consideration of the needs of all learners and families while working under intense budget constraints (one example; Monterey public schools lacked funding for school-bus transportation). 

Bill coached community junior football, with Henry
Bill with Henry when he was an assistant coach for junior football


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